Albert Heimuli
Senior Stunt Performer

Casting Details
Height: 177cm
Chest: 116cm
Waist: 104cm
Shoe Size: US 10
Hair Color: Dark Gray

Contact Details
Cell: +64 274 800 730
Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Recent Credits
FF: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey – Stunt Performer 2011
FF: Yogi Bear – Stunt Performer 2009-2010
FF: Underworld: Rise of the Lycans – Stunt Performer 2008
FF: Avatar – Stunt Performer 2008
FF: The Warriors Way – Stunt Performer/Actor 2008
FF: The Last Samurai – Stunt Performer 2003
FF: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy – Stunt Performer 2000
TVF: Avalon High – Stunt Performer 2010
TVF: Riverworld – Stunt Performer 2003
TVF: Hearts of Men – Stunt Performer 2002
TVF: Superfire – Stunt Performer 2001
TVF: Journey to the Centre of the Earth – Stunt Performer 1999
TV: Spartacus: War of the Dammed - Stunt Performer 2012
TV: Legend of the Seeker: Season 2 – Stunt Performer/Rigger 2009-2010
TV: Xena: Warrior Princess – Stunt Performer 1995-2001
TV: Jack of all Trades – Stunt Performer 1999
TV: Young Hercules – Stunt Performer 1999
TV: Hercules: The Legendary Journeys – Stunt Performer 1995-1999
TVC: Toshiba: Breakthrough – Stunt Performer 2009
TVC: Jameson Irish Whiskey – Stunt Performer 2009

Stunt Fighting
High Falls
Air Rams
Horse Riding – Bareback/Falls

Qualifications and Training
K-1 Kickboxing Referee
Assistant Coach Commonwealth Boxing Team
Boxing & Kickboxing Coach
Qualified Personal Trainer

Additional Details
Acting Experience – FF, TV and TVCs

SGNZ Senior Stunt Performer   
These members have attained a Level 3 "Senior Stunt Performer" grading with the SGNZ. These members are deemed suitably experienced to self-coordinate, but not coordinate other stunt personnel or actors. A "Senior Stunt Performer" can also be designated as a rigging assistant or stunt safety.