Before filling out and submitting this application, please first contact the guild for information on eligibility criteria. Probationary membership is subject to certain specifications and all applications are reviewed and accepted/declined by the SGNZ grading committee. 

Application for SGNZ Probationary Membership 2015

Current Residency Status - Select One. Please note that membership in the SGNZ is currently only open to NZ Citizens or Permanent NZ Residents. Non - Resident applications will not generally receive a response but applications will be keep on file.

What is your current employment status?

Due to the nature of the stunt industry, please indicate how flexible your current employment is in regards to taking time off for stuntwork/auditions?

Casting Details - Please supply your measurements in cms.

Qualifications and Licences - All qualifications/licences should be current.

Physical Skills - Select skills in which you are proficient. Typically, the selection of a physical skill would imply that you have the required personal tools/kit/rig/gear for the activity. As a general rule, proficiency should be based on the fact that you either are at a least an intermediate graded level, competitive level or an instructor level.

Martial Arts and Fighting Experience - Typically, the selection of a martial art would indicate you have achieved at least a graded level of a brown belt or the equivalent in its grading system.

On-Set Skills and Experience

Please list your current credits below. Please include all credits for Acting, Extra, Crew and Stunt Work etc. Alternatively you could submit a link to your IMDB page if available.

Coordinator Reference - A requirement in becoming a member of the SGNZ is having a current SGNZ coordinator supply a reference letter recommending you for probationary membership.

Please indicate the SGNZ coordinator that has offered to be your reference. If you have not secured a reference yet then please tick NA.