Hiroo Minami
Senior Stunt Performer

Casting Details
Height: 170cm
Chest: 96cm
Waist: 79cm
Shoe Size: US 8.5
Hair Color: Black

Contact Details
Email: arminami@hotmail.com
Cell: +1 213 245 0382 USA
Website: www.hiroominami.com
Location: Valencia, CA, USA

Recent Credits
FF: The Wolverine - Stunt Dbl/Performer (Aus)
FF: Resident Evil: Retribution – Stunt Performer 2012 (Canada)
FF: 47 Ronin – Stunt Performer/Dbl (Hiroyuki Sanada) 2012 (London/Hungary)
FF: Safe – Stunt Performer 2010
FF: Love Like Bullets – Stunt Performer 2010 (USA)
FF: The Last Airbender – Stunt Performer 2009 (USA)
FF: Push – Stunt Performer 2007 (Hong Kong)
FF: Prince Caspian – Stunt Performer 2007 (Czech Rep.)
FF: 30 Days of Night – Stunt Performer 2006
FF: Shadow Fury – Stunt Performer/Dbl (Masakatsu Funaki) 2001 (USA)
FF: The Ides of March – Assistant Fight Choreographer 2000 (USA)
FF: Shogun Cop – Stunt Performer/Stunt Utility 1999 (USA)
FF: Legend of the Eight Samurai – Horse Master 1983 (Japan)
TVF: Ice – Stunt Performer 2009
TVF: The Pacific – Stunt Performer 2007 (Aus)
TVF: Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior – Stunt Performer 2006
TV: Spartacus: Blood and Sand – Stunt Rigger 2009
TV: Legend of the Seeker: Season 2 – Stunt Rigger 2009
TV: Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive – Action Director/Stunt Performer 2006-2007
TV: Power Rangers: Mystic Force – Action Director/Stunt Dbl (Nic Sampson) 2005-2006
TV: Power Rangers: S.P.D – Stunt Dbl (Green Ranger,Matt Austin) 2004-2005
TV: Power Rangers: Dino Thunder – 2nd Unit Director/Stunt Dbl (Kevin Duhaney) 2003-2004
TV: Power Rangers: Ninja Storm – Stunt Dbl (Jason Chan) 2002-2003
TV: Power Rangers: Wild Force – Stunt Utility 2001-2002 (USA)
TV: Power Rangers: Time Force – Stunt Utility/Dbl (Jason Faunt) 2000-2001 (USA)
TV: Special Unit 2 – Assistant Fight Choreographer 2001 (USA)

Full Credit List Available on Request

Stunt Fighting
Martial Arts
Hong Kong Style Fights
Fight Choreography
Japanese Sword Play
Oriental/European Weaponry
Air Rams
Horse Riding
Harness/Wire/Ratchet Work
Fire Burns – Full/Partial

Qualifications and Training
Karate Okinawa Gojyu-Ryu – 3rd Dan Black Belt
14 years Martial Arts experience

Additional Info
2010 Winner Taurus Stunt Awards: Best High Work – Push
2010 Nominee Taurus Stunt Awards: Hardest Hit – Push
Bilingual – Japanese/English

SGNZ Senior Stunt Performer   
These members have attained a Level 3 "Senior Stunt Performer" grading with the SGNZ. These members are deemed suitably experienced to self-coordinate, but not coordinate other stunt personnel or actors. A "Senior Stunt Performer" can also be designated as a rigging assistant or stunt safety.