Morgan Evans
Assistant Stunt Coordinator/Performer

Casting Details
Height: 178cm
Chest: 101cm
Waist: 82.5cm
Shoe Size: US 9.5
Hair Color: Brown

Contact Details
Cell: +61 4157 31098 Aus
Location: Melbourne, Australia

Recent Credits
FF: Mad Max : Fury Road – Stunt Actor 2011
FF: I, Frankenstein – Assistant Stunt Coordinator/Stunt Actor 2012
FF: The Hobbit: Part 1 – Stunt Performer 2011
FF: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader – Stunt Actor/Utility 2009 (Aus)
FF: The Knowing – Stunt Performer 2008 (Aus)
FF: The Warriors Way – Stunt Dbl/Performer 2007-2008
FF: Prince Caspian – Stunt Performer 2007 (Czech Rep.)
FF: The Bank Job – Stunt Driver 2007 (Aus)
FF: Where the Wild Things Are – Stunt Utility 2006 (Aus)
FF: The Water Horse – Stunt Dbl/Performer 2006
FF: Superman Returns – Stunt Performer 2005 (Aus)
FF: Ghost Rider – Stunt Performer 2005 (Aus)
FF: King Kong – Stunt Performer 2004
FF: The Extra –Stunt Performer (Aus)
FF: After the Deluge – Stunt Performer 2003 (Aus)
FF: Darkness Falls – Stunt Performer 2003
FF: The Hard Word – Stunt Performer 2002
FF: Queen of the Damned – Stunt Performer 2002 (Aus)
FF: Ned Kelly – Stunt Performer 2002 (Aus)
FF: Scooby Doo – Stunt Performer 2001 (Aus)
FF: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King – Stunt Dbl/Performer 1999-2000
FF: The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers – Stunt Dbl/Performer 1999-2000
FF: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring – Stunt Dbl/Performer 1999-2000
TVF: Noah’s Ark – Stunt Performer (Aus)
TVF: Journey to the Center of the Earth – Stunt Performer (Aus)

Stunt Fighting
Fight Choreography
High Falls
Stair Falls
Precision/Stunt Driving
Air Rams
Harness/Wire/Ratchet Work
Car Hits
Fire Burns – Full/Partial
Free Running – Le Parkour
Rock Climbing/Abseiling
Inline Skating
Downhill Mountain Biking

Qualifications and Training
Jim Marcotts Advanced Driving Course
Australian Advanced Stunt Driving Certificate
Australian Level 2 Industrial First Aid Certificate
Australian Surf Rescue Certificate
Victorian In-door Lead Climbing Certificate
Motorcycle License (Aus)
John Fox Film Firearm’s Course
Swordplay Training (Bob Anderson)
Weapons Training Chinese Historical (Wushu Master Tang Lei Wei)

Additional Details
Graduate of Victorian College, Arts School of Film and Television
Acting Experience – FF, TV, TVC’s & MV
Current Graded Stunt Actor & Member MEAA

SGNZ Assistant Coordinator additional information.  
This member holds the rank and qualification of an Assistant Stunt Coordinator and is deemed suitably experienced to be contracted as an Assistant Stunt Coordinator and coordinate other stunt personnel and actors. This member is also a qualified Senior Stunt Performer.