Morne Van Tonder
Senior Stunt Performer

Casting Details

Contact Information
Cell: 0027 789 536 827 (SA)
Cell: 0064 21 264 2496 (NZ)

Recent Credits
FF: The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies - Head Stunt Rigger 2011-2013    
FF: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug - Head Stunt Rigger 2011-2013  
FF: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Head Stunt Rigger 2011-2013      
FF: Black Sails - Stunt Rigger/Stunt Performer 2013    
FF: Tracker - Safety Officer 2009    
FF: Aadhavan - Assistant Stunt Coordinator 2009     
FF: Donkey Punch - Assistant Stunt Coordinator 2007    
FF: Primeval - Key Stunt Rigger 2006    
FF: Mama Jack - Key Stunt Rigger/Assistant Stunt Coordinator 2006    
FF: The Triangle - Stunt Rigger/Stunt Double 2005    
FF: The Mercenary - Stunt Rigger/Stunt Double 2005    
FF: The Trail - Stunt Rigger 2005    
FF: Supernova - Stunt Rigger 2005    
FF: Flight of the Phoenix - Stunt Rigger 2004    
TV: Fear Factor (6 Countries) - Stunt Rigger 2002-2003    
TV: Strike Back 4 - Key Stunt Rigger/Assistant Stunt Coordinator 2013 (SA)    
TV: Fear Factor - Key Stunt Rigger/Assistant Stunt Coordinator 2012 (Malaysia)    
TV: Power Rangers - Stunt Rigger 2010    
TV: Ton of Cash - Key Stunt Rigger/Assistant Stunt Coordinator 2009    
TV: Piece of my Heart - Assistant Stunt Coordinator/Safety Officer 2008    
TV: Generation Kill - Stunt Rigger/Assistant Stunt Coordinator 2007    
TV: Inferno 3 - Stunt Rigger 2006    
TV: Fear factor  - Stunt Rigger 2005    
TV: The poseidon adventure - Stunt Rigger 2005    
TV: Ring of the Nibulungs - Stunt Rigger/Stunt Double 2004    
TV: King Solomon's Mines - Stunt Rigger/Stunt Double 2004    
TV: 12 days of Terror - Stunt Rigger 2004    
TV: Blast - Stunt Rigger - Stunt Rigger/Stunt Performer 200    
TV: Red Water - Stunt Rigger 2003  

Stunt and Camera Flying Systems                                           
Sport Climbing
Servo Winch Systems                                                               
Sub Alpine Survival
Decelerator Fall Systems                                                          
Overland Trekking
Flying Riggs and Harnesses                                                     
Abseiling / Repelling                                                          
Bungy Jerk and Decelerator Systems                                      
Scuba Diving
Air Rams and Ratchets                                                                          
Speed Flying
Precision Bungy Cord Construction                                         
Stage Construction – Top Rigger
River Guiding

Qualifications and Training
IRATA Rigging Certification
National Service – Parachute Battalion                                                
Parachute Battalion (91)
National Diploma – Electromechanical Tech.                                       
SA Industrial Rope Access Lv2                                                             
NZ Industrial Rope Access Lv3                                                            
Bungy Jump Instructor
Pre-Hospital Emergency Care                                                              
Lead River Guild
Drivers License: Full, Wheels, Tracks, Rollers, Fork Lift (18t)             
Certificate in Elevated Work Platforms                                                 
South African River Guide Lv2                                                             
Advanced Open Water Diver
Skipper License

Additional Details
Fluent in English and Afrikaans

SGNZ Senior Stunt Performer   
These members have attained a Level 3 "Senior Stunt Performer" grading with the SGNZ. These members are deemed suitably experienced to self-coordinate, but not coordinate other stunt personnel or actors. A "Senior Stunt Performer" can also be designated as a rigging assistant or stunt safety.