Rodney Cook
Stunt Coordinator

Casting Details
Height: 178cm
Chest: 103cm
Waist: 81cm
Shoe Size: US10
Hair Color: Brown

Contact Details
Cell: +64 21 816 323
Location: Wellington, New Zealand
Personal Web Site:

Recent Credits
FF: The Changeover – Stunt Coordinator 2016                                                    
FF: Zealandia – Stunt Coordinator 2016                                                               
FF: Goodbye Pork Pie – Stunt Performer 2016                                                   
FF: Hunt for the Wilderpeople – Stunt & Safety Coordinator 2015                
FF: Krampus – Stunt Coordinator 2015                                                                     
FF: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: The Green Legend – Stunt Rigger 2014
FF: The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies– Stunt Performer 2014  
FF: Z 4 Zachariah – Stunt Coordinator/Stunt Double (Chris Pine) 2014           
FF: Dead Room – Stunt Coordinator 2013                                                             
FF: No Escape – Stunt Double Owen Wilson 2013 (Thailand)                   
FF: What we do in the Shadows - Stunt Coordinator 2012
FF: Fresh Meat - Stunt Coordinator 2012
FF: Shopping - Stunt Coordinator 2012
FF: The Weight of Elephants - Stunt Advisor 2012
FF: The Cure - Stunt Coordinator 2011
FF: Rage – Stunt Coordinator 2011
FF: The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn – MOCAP Stunt Performer 2011
FF: The Hobbit – Stunt Performer 2011
FF: Yogi Bear – Stunt Actor 2010
FF: Predicament – Stunt Supervisor 2009
FF: Avatar – Stunt Performer 2008
FF: Push – Stunt Performer 2008 (Hong Kong)
FF: The Water Horse – Stunt Utility 2006
FF: Black Sheep – Assistant Stunt Coordinator 2006
FF: X-Men 3: The Last Stand – Stunt Performer: Additional Photography (NZ) 2006
FF: King Kong – Assistant Stunt Coordinator 2005
FF: Alexander – Stunt Performer 2003 (Morocco/Thailand)
FF: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy – Stunt Performer 2003
FF: Crooked Earth – Stunt Performer 2000
FF: The Climb – Stunt Performer 1999
FF: Fearless – Stunt Performer 1998
TVF: Aftershock – Stunt Coordinator 2008
TVF: Superfire – Stunt Performer 2003
TVF: The Lost World BBC – Stunt Dbl 2004
TV: Palisade– Stunt Coordinator 2016
TV: Ben & Olivia: Searching for the truth – Safety Supervisor 2016
TV: Westside 2 – Stunt performer 2016
TV: Bright Summers Night – Safety Supervisor 2016
TV: Lumen – Stunt Rigger 2015
TV: Wild Survivor – Safety supervisor 2014
TV: How to murder your wife – Stunt Coordinator 2014
TV:Thunderbirds – Safety Supervisor 2013
TV:Johnny Ruckus – Stunt Coordinator 2013
TV: Boy vs Girl – Stunt & Safety Coordinator 2013, 2014    
TV: Nancy Wake - Stunt Coordinator 2012
TV: Top of the lake - Stunt Coordinator 2012
TV: Paradise Cafe: Season 2 – Stunt Coordinator 2010
TV: Spartacus: Blood and Sand – Stunt Performer 2009
TV: Men in Black – Stunt Coordinator 2009
TV: Legend of the Seeker: Season 1 – Stunt Performer 2009
TV: Dare Devils Down Under – Stunt Coordinator 2009
TV: Xena: Warrior Princess: 6 Seasons – Stunt Dbl/Performer
VG: Lord of the Rings: Return of the King Video Game – MOCAP Performer 2003 (Canada)

Full Credit List Available on Request

Stunt Fighting
Fight Choreography
Stunt Rigging/Rig Design
Harness/Wire/Ratchets Work
High Falls – Air Bags/Box Rigs/Water
Fire Burns – Full/Partial
Air Rams
Horse Riding/Falls
Precision Driving
Boat Handling – Sail/Power/Jet
Car Hits
Stair Falls
Body/Skate/Snow Boarding
Water/Snow Skiing
Roller/Inline/Ice Skating
Motor/Mountain Biking

Qualifications and Training
Qualified SGNZ Stunt Coordinator
Urban Rap Jumping Instructor – Adrenalin Adventures
Abseiling Instructor – Auckland Climbing School
PHEC Medic
Level 3 OSH Safety Officer
HT Licence
NZQA Certificate in Applied Work Practice – including
- NZQA Fall Arrest Systems Certificate
- NZQA Fire Safety Certificate
- NZQA Hazard ID & Risk Assessment Certificate
- NZQA Safety Observer Certificate
- NZQA Advanced Driver Handling Certificate
- NZQA Elevated Work Platform Certificate
- NZQA First Aid Certificate
- NZQA Workplace Safety Certificate

Additional Details
Experienced Full Prosthetics Performer
Experienced Motion Capture Performer
Experienced in Helicopter Rescue Winch System
Acting Experience – FF, TV & TVC’s
Full Access to all Stunt Equipment

SGNZ Stunt Coordinator additional information. 
This member has attained the Level 5 ‘Stunt Coordinator’ grading with the Stunt Guild of New Zealand and is deemed suitably experienced to be totally responsible for all stunt work on a project from planning to execution and can be contracted as an ‘Head Of Department’ Stunt Coordinator.