Tori Marsh
Stunt Performer

Casting Details
Height: 178cm
Chest: 109cm
Hips: 91cm
Waist: 89cm
Shoe size: US 12
Hair Color: Black

Contact Details
Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Recent Credits
FF: The Patriarch - Stunt Performer/Double 2015
TV: The Shannara Chronicles - Stunt Performer 2015
TV: Lumen - Stunt Performer 2015
TV: Shortland St - Stunt Performer 2015
TV: Power Rangers Dino Charge - Stunt Performer 2015
TV: Brokenwood Mysteries 2 - Stunt Performer 2015
FF: The Deadlands - Stunt Dbl/Performer/Actor 2014
FF: Deathgasm - Stunt Performer 2014
TVF: When we go to War - Stunt Performer 2014
TVF: Tatau - Stunt Double (Kirk Torrance) 2014
TV: Jono & Ben at 10 - Stunt Performer 2014
TVC: Samsung Gladiator - Stunt Performer 2014
MV: Team Dynamite - Stunt Assistant 2014
TV: Power Rangers: Super Mega Force - Stunt Performer 2013
MV: Kora - Hit the wall - Stunt Performer 2013
FF: The Hobbit - The Battle of Five Armies - Stunt Performer  2011-2013
FF: The Hobbit - The Desolation of Smaug - Stunt Performer  2011-2013
FF: The Last Saint - Stunt Double (Beulah Koale) 2013
FF: The Dark Horse - Stunt Performer 2013
TV: Nothing Trivial - Stunt Double (Blair Strang)  2013
TV: Power Rangers: Mega Force - Stunt Performer 2012
TV: Spartacus: War of the Damned – Stunt Performer 2012
MV: Cairo Knife fight`Violence of Action’ – Stunt Performer 2012
TV: Power Rangers: Samurai - Stunt Performer 2011

Stunt Fighting
Martial Arts
Basic Gymnastics
Oriental Weaponry

Qualifications and Training
20yrs Martial Arts Experience
Siu Lum Gar- Black Belt
Sikaran Arnis- Black Belt
Sanshou (Chinese Kickboxing)- Competitive
Kickboxing- Competitive
Taekwon do- Competitive
Traditional Kungfu (forms) National/International- Competitive
World Traditional Wushu Tournament (China)- Gold medal
Drive Rush- Stunt Driving and Car Control- Level 3 Certificate

SGNZ Stunt Performer additional information.  
The member holds the rank and qualification of a Stunt Performer can only perform stunt action under the direct supervision of a SGNZ Stunt Coordinator/Assistant Stunt Coordinator.